Re: attachments on xmca

From: N*** (
Date: Thu Feb 12 2004 - 13:59:59 PST


All attachments on my computer go automatically to the trash bin. If its
an attachment, it is most likely a virus.

Bill Barowy wrote:
> Let me suggest that to conserve bandwith ( a shared renewable resource on the
> internet) we consider the following. Instead of broadcasting large file
> attachments to everyone on xmca, we find a way to put them on a web server,
> where folks who are interested can download them when they have the resources
> (time, fast connection, hard drive space).
> The attachment that Eugene sent has important content, but the overuse of
> broadcasted large file attachments can be considered an instrumental
> aggression (however unintended) against those who have slower connections and
> older computers. IMHO It would be good, in a democratic online environment,
> to let message recipients have a choice.
> bb

L:\My Downloads\2.txt

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