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Date: Sun Feb 08 2004 - 08:53:49 PST

On motives
LEONTIEV, A. N. (1978). Development of psychsism. Lisbon: Universitário [Portuguese]
LEONTIEV, A. N. (1983). Actividad, conciencia, personalidad. Habana: Pueblo y Educación [Spanish]

Despite the two levels of analisis sugested by Leontiev

First level of analisis
(conscious) Needs
(conscious) Motives
(conscious) Ends [goals]
(conscious) Tasks

Second level of analisis
(conscious) Actions
(not conscious) Operations

The not conscious (automatic nature of operations) and unconscious (recovered afective incompatible representations) dimensions of motives are/were not enough approached by CHAT yet - as far as I know.

(1) Would someone please give me any tip in this direction.
(2) Is there any research trying to promote a dialog between freudism and vygotskism in America?
(3) Is there any english version of Luria's work on freudism - the work to which LSV refers to in *Historical meaning of crisis in Psychology*?

Ricardo Ottoni Vaz Japiassu
Universidade do Estado da Bahia/Uneb

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