Re: Motives and goals

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 19:26:18 PST

jason- As a graduate student in the 1960's (ouch) I tried to summarize
all that had been said about motivation in that yearly symposium and
could not make ANy sense of it. I have a student who is interested i
in kids' "need for information." I query her on what she means, how her
ideas could be tied to something she could observe to provide critical

I wholeheartedly believe that
I agree with Eugene that investigation into the relationship between
institutional structure and individual activity with regards to motives
would be helpful-

Yes indeed.

Your idea about the meaning of legitimate in lpp strikes me as a fruitful
line of inquiry, but with no expectation on my part that you will find
answers there, but perhaps new questions.

The linking to culturally responsive pedagogy and its motivational base
(upon which a post doc of mine is currently doing research) strikes me also
as very productive.

I am limited in my work capacity at present and under heavy deadlines, which
limits me a lot. So at present I am primarily in questioning mode. Questions
are a lot easier to ask than answers with scope are to formulate, let along
alone warrant.

The one "positive" committment I can make is that collapsing motive and goal
is likely to lead to confusion. They operate on different scales in time and
granularity. Motives, in Engestrom's terms, are always "just over the
horizon." Not much help if you are into exact measurement, but perhaps very
helpful in terms of understanding time scales and historicity.

Sorry I cannot be of more help. Those who might be apparently have more
personally pressing issues on their minds and cannot lend a hand.

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