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From: Karen Lunsford (
Date: Mon Feb 02 2004 - 16:03:33 PST

Hi Eugene (and everyone),
Several researchers from the Association of Internet Researchers have been
interested in this phenomenon. It's an example of a "leap-frog" technology:
cell phones and wireless technologies have allowed several regions to bypass
the expense of trying to wire everything for desk-bound computers. If you'd
like to read more about the AoIR and its listserv and conference, the main
page can be found at


Quoting Eugene Matusov <>:
> Dear everybody-
> When I visited South Africa (and Russia to a lesser extend) I found myself
> Cellphone illiterate - people sent me messages (a lot of jokes but even
> poetry sometimes) that I had trouble to read and I could not reply.
> Cellphone literacy seems a phenomenon less known in US because people here
> use email more than cellphone messages. I wish I saved messages to me from
> local people in South Africa and Russia. Sometimes it took me hours to
> understand the messages while local people could read them fluently. I
> wonder how instant messaging is similar and different to cellphone literacy.
> I think literacy researchers should focus on this interesting new
> phenomenon.
> What do you think?
> Eugene

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