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Date: Tue Jan 27 2004 - 14:53:44 PST

Wrong Eugene. Hitler came to power because the lesser evil was chosen.

I get so tired of this crap. We live in a country where 60% do not vote
- do not have an honest option to - because of tweedle dee and tweedle
dum. Then the powers that be throw out scare tactics that are complete

If you all were arguing that we should rally behind Kucinich, I could
understand somewhat, but Dean please. What will happen is Dean will move
rightward and Bush farther so. Bush will win because months before the
election he will start bringing troops hope (Dean will lose that issue).
By contrast, if we put a left of center candidate up, Bush would be
forced to become moderate. The lesser evil in fact moves the politics

Kind of like the Praxis all over again (sorry could not resist).

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>>Nate's comment:
>>>My greater point similar to the socialist saying, vote your dreams not
>>>your fears, is if many of us fall into the left / libertarian camp, why
> do
>>>we continue to push for and support right authoratarian candidates.
>>... reminds me of something wise Eugene Debs, the early 20th Century
>>American socialist, said about voting: "It's better to vote for what you
>>want, and not get it, than to vote for what you don't want, and get it."
>>- Steve

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