Re: Dean re-voicing pro wrestlers

From: N*** (
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 14:43:29 PST

Eugene Matusov wrote:

> No, I was not measured as "right wing authoritarian" by the Political
> Compass (it was -3, -6 I believe).

That's what I would of guessed. -3 on the right / left spectrum and -6
on the authoratarian / libertarian?

. I was
> questioning your point that it is OK to measure politicians according to
> their deeds and not according to their ideology expressed by them. I'm
> against of objectivizing and finalizing politicians when subjectivizing and
> problematizing are ignored....

I think its the only way they can be judged. Kerry or Edwards may or may
not be a pacifist, but what's central is they gave Bush a blank check
for war. On the other hand Dean, may or maynot be a big spending
liberal, but the reality is he was a financial conservative as Governor.

It seems you are arguing for the two being disconnected which I find
problematic. Would not there be a problem with going to the academy all
day arguing the essence of feminism, and then sitting on ones lazy boy,
watching the WWF, waiting for the wife to make dinner, while you tell
the kids to shut up. They are connected, there is a relationship there.

I may get a little excited when Dean tells me we're going to take back
the Whitehouse as if he's Lenin about to throw the Czar out, but
eventually reality has to set in. He is fiscally conservative (balance
the budget), put forth a very conservative health plan, argues for a
conservative (Cheney Plan) approach to gay marriage. If you want what
used to be called an east coast republican, vote for Dean, but the great
  left hope he is not.

My greater point similar to the socialist saying, vote your dreams not
your fears, is if many of us fall into the left / libertarian camp, why
do we continue to push for and support right authoratarian candidates.


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