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Victor and everyone, I have nothing to do with the list on Bateson. I just
forwarded the message. Please reply to Mary Catherine's original message to
get on the address list: "If you would
> like to be on that mailing list, please use the subject: "GBateson and
> and give a snail mail address."


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I would like to participate in your list on Bateson.
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> Gregory Bateson was born in 1904, so next year is his centennial. I
> that much of his work was misunderstood or unappreciated during his
> lifetime because it challenged people to think in new ways and defied
> disciplinary compartments. I am writing now to urge all of you to take
> advantage of his centennial in the coming year in whatever way fits your
> knowledge and interests so that the people you work with have the
> opportunity to look again at Bateson's writings in the new century. If
> go back to his writings (several now going into new editions), you will
> find that some of it is still very challenging, some of it seems out of
> date, and much of it was prescient and is more accessible than it was at
> the time of his death twenty years ago. I will help if I can, but beyond
> this notification it really depends on the initiatives of others.
> I have made up a "quick and dirty" list for purposes of this mailing,
> consisting of people who have sent me emails related to Bateson over the
> last five years or so. Even that is not complete, as large chunks of
> correspondence have been lost, and I expect to get a lot of "bounce-backs"
> on obsolete email addresses. If this feels like spam to you, ignore
> if you would like to be in touch on Bateson-related issues, please reply
> this email giving "GBateson list" as your subject.
> Several events are being planned and I am being asked to suggest names.
> please take a minute to say who you are and what your interest is in
> Bateson's work - Ecology? Visual anthropology? Cybernetics of
> relations? Family therapy? Other? And please don't have hurt feelings
> about this request - of course I know most of you (though not all) - but a
> couple of summary sentences will make my life much easier. Gregory
> Bateson's literary estate is administered by the Institute for
> Intercultural Studies in New York, which has a Newsletter. If you would
> like to be on that mailing list, please use the subject: "GBateson and
> and give a snail mail address. You may also receive mail about events in
> your region. The Institute also maintains a website with a growing
> section and some relevant links. You can visit the website at
> <>. The Bateson section is still in
> preliminary form, but eventually it will tell you about new editions of
> GB's work, material available on line, and so on, and we will keep adding
> material.
> Lastly, please feel free to forward this email to colleagues or
> organizations that might like to know about it or to send their names
> - as I said, this is a "quick and dirty" list and a lot of people are
> missing. Anyone who is planning an event or a publication and would like
> to get the word out, PLEASE LET US KNOW.
> And a happy new year and best wishes to you all. Catherine Bateson

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