Virginia Gordon
Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition
University of California, San Diego
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Educational Innovation
Busing and School Integration
Technology in Education
International Development and Technology Transfer
Improving Undergraduate Education

 Current Projects:

Fifth Dimension Program, Torrey Pines Elementary School


Primary Education, Culture and Cognitive Processes of Mayan Children of Yucatan, Mexico  http://lchc.ucsd.edu/Projects/yucatan.html
Participating Institutions:
Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition, University of California at San Diego (LCHC).
Facultad de Educación de la Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán
Recent Papers:
Reproducing Segregation: Parent Involvement, Diversity, and School Governance. Virginia Gordon and Honorine Nocon 
Journal of Latinos and Education, 2008 (In press).     
Conference Papers:
“It’s all about test scores:” A case study of parent  involvement in an urban school within the NCLB  paradigm.
Virginia Gordon and Honorine Nocon. Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research  Association
March 2008 New York, NY
Multisite Videoconferencing between Developed and  Developing Countries to Build and Sustain Educational
Research Collaborations. Virginia Gordon, Robert Lecusay, Michael Cole.  Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research
Association Chicago, IL April, 2007.  
Parents on the Inside:  Diversity, Roles and Relationships in Parent-initiated Curricular Reform at a Southern California Public School, 1995-2000
Virginia Gordon and Honorine D. Nocon. First ISCAR Conference Sevilla, 20-24 September 2005
Sustaining university-school collaboration in an innovative elementary school computer activity.Virginia Gordon, Sharon Zell, Maria daVenza Tillmanns,
and Michael ColeAnnual Meeting of the American Educational Research. Association 2004, San Diego  
Before joining the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition I worked as a community health activist, parent organizer and biomedical engineer.  I have lived and worked in Mexico and Malaysia.