Fall 99 / Spring 2000 Discussion Papers

September 1999

Eva Ekeblad  eva.ekeblad@goteborg.utfors.se

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Contact, Community, and Mutilougue

The emergence and decay of multilougue

Bill Barowy

A Model for Self-Regulation in Electronic Learning Communities

October 1999

Gordan Wells

The Zone of Proximal Development and its Implications for Learning and Teaching 

November 1999

Jay Lemke

Across the Scales of Time: Artifacts, Activities, and Meanings in Ecosocial Systems

December 1999

Stanton Wortham

Interactional Positioning and Narrative Self-Construction

January 2000

Susan Leigh Star

Classification and its Consequences

February 2000

Bruce Robinson

Dialectics and Modelling in Information Systems

March 2000

Virginia Narvarro and Scot Danforth

Hyper Talk: The Social Construction of ADHD in Everyday Language

April 2000

Peter Smagorinsky

If Meaning is Constructed, What's It Made of?

May 2000

Pedro R. Portes

Cultural Historical Theory and the Practice of Counseling & Psychotherapy

June 2000

Peter Jones

The "Embodied Mind": Contrasting Visions