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[Xmca-l] needed: instructor for Winter 2014 course

Anyone out there who wants to spend the winter months in San Diego? Short

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From: *David Serlin*
Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013
Subject: [commfac] needed: instructor for Winter 2014 course
To: Commfac <commfac-l@ucsd.edu>

Dear colleagues, due to competing commitments Carol has had to step down
from teaching her Language & Globalization course (COMM 112G) in W14. The
course has 85+ students enrolled, and so it would be a shame if we had to
cancel it. Can anyone recommend a person who might be able to step in at
such late notice and teach this course?

We have funds to hire the right person, so any leads are appreciated. Many
of the grad students Carol and others identified as possible instructors
for the course—such as James Perez, Michaela, Deniz—are not available.

Here’s the catalogue description for those who are unfamiliar with the
course and/or how it fits into the curriculum:
*The interaction of language and culture in human communication. New and
old languages, standard and dialect, dominant and endangered are the
special focus. Selected languages as examples of how languages exist in
contemporary contexts. Students will not receive credit for COHI 135 and
COMM 112G. Prerequisites: COMM 10.*


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