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[Xmca-l] Re: intersubjectivity and perspective taking, po russkii

I am wondering if you could expand on your question that is referring to
perspective taking and its possible meanings. I believe this question of
perspective taking is also converging with your other question on *kinds*
or *types* of persons. [personhood like childhood]

I am asking for more clarity on your *bad question* which seems to be
central to the multiple discourses on *sociocultural* theory and practice
This *space* or *zone* of  questioning which opens up a clearing for the
multiple notions of the concept *intersubjectivity* and its convergence
with the concept of *perspective-taking* and how this topic is explored in
Russian translation is a topic I want to explore further.

I wanted to offer a quote which I found interesting exploring notions of
*identity* AS KINDS [categories]

Oakeshott argues that “This distinction, then, between ‘goings-on’
identified as themselves

exhibitions of intelligence and ‘goings-on’ which may be made intelligible
but are not themselves

intelligent, is not a distinction between mental and physical or between
minds and bodies regarded

as entities. It is a distinction within the engagement of understanding, a
distinction between

‘sciences’ (that is, ideal characters) and the identities with which they
are concerned. And in

calling it a categorial distinction what is being asserted is that the
understanding of identities

recognized as themselves exhibitions of intelligence cannot be ‘reduced’ to
the understanding of

identities no so recognized”, *On Human Conduct*, pp. 14-15.

I was intrigued by Oakeshott's understanding of *sciences* [multiple] AS
RESPRESENTING IDEAL KINDS [categorical distinctions]. This realm of KINDS
AS perspective taking moves the question of intersubjectivity to converge
with *culture* and *history*.

I will pause, but this topic is endlessly fascinating.

Larry Purss

On Fri, Nov 29, 2013 at 10:21 AM, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Russian experts on XMCA
> I have been reading about the development of intersubjectivity and
> perspective taking, including an article by scholars who say they are
> working in the "sociocultural perspective." It got me to wondering how
> Russian scholars discuss these topics. No Russians are cited in the work I
> am reading, but Mead and
> Piaget.
> When looking at suggested translations into Russian from English for these
> terms, the cognate
> perspectiv seems to appear almost everywhere. The phrase for "point of
> view" is literally that,
> tochka-point  zreniya-seeing, genetive case.
> I figure I am blind to something obvious here, but darned if I know what it
> is. Any help out there??
> mike
> P
> S-- Eugene wrote an interesting article in MCA a while back on
> intersubjectivity and there are Vygotsky
> refs but they do not seem to go to the question I am asking. Perhaps its
> just my bad question!