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[Xmca-l] intersubjectivity and perspective taking, po russkii

Dear Russian experts on XMCA

I have been reading about the development of intersubjectivity and
perspective taking, including an article by scholars who say they are
working in the "sociocultural perspective." It got me to wondering how
Russian scholars discuss these topics. No Russians are cited in the work I
am reading, but Mead and

When looking at suggested translations into Russian from English for these
terms, the cognate
perspectiv seems to appear almost everywhere. The phrase for "point of
view" is literally that,
tochka-point  zreniya-seeing, genetive case.

I figure I am blind to something obvious here, but darned if I know what it
is. Any help out there??

S-- Eugene wrote an interesting article in MCA a while back on
intersubjectivity and there are Vygotsky
refs but they do not seem to go to the question I am asking. Perhaps its
just my bad question!