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[Xmca-l] Re: "Like" the Dialogic Pedagogy Journal" Facebook page!!


On Sun, Nov 24, 2013 at 7:30 PM, Ana Marjanovic-Shane

> Dear XMCA-ers,
> Some of you are probably familiar with the Dialogic Pedagogy Journal on
> Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DialogicPedagogyJournal). "Like" this
> page on the Facebook if you are interested in discussions on Dialogic
> Pedagogy issues. You will be notified when something is posted there, and
> you are welcome to post and respond as you see fit.
> These posts are also linked and published on DPJ Twitter:
> https://twitter.com/DPJournal_
> Here is a small selection of the latest posts:
> DPJ: "Objective" means "deadly" (i.e., without an alive subjectivity).
> DPJ: #Cohen, L.: "The developmental view of play, according to
> #Sutton-Smith, 'is an ideology for the conquest of children’s behavior
> through organizing their play' (2001, 205). In contrast, a Bakhtinian
> carnivalesque perspective of play and language examines self in the
> relation to the language and actions of others" (2011, 177)
> DPJ: Crisis of conventional schooling. Many people claim that there is
> school crisis but they cite different evidence for this:
> Evidence: Low test scores. Remedy: Teach to the test.
> Evidence: Alumni don’t remember much after school graduation. Remedy:
> Improve memorization.
> Evidence: High dropout rate. Remedy: Keep students in school by rewards
> and punishments.
> Evidence: Lack of conceptual understanding. Remedy: Promote students’
> interested questions.
> Evidence: Alienation. Remedy: Engage students in defining curriculum.
> Evidence: Lack of studies. Remedy: Pay students for their learning.
> Evidence: Lack of ownership for their learning. Remedy: Promote students’
> authorial agency.
> Evidence: Lack of cooperation with the teachers’ demands. Remedy: A system
> of rewards and punishments.
> Evidence: School violence. Remedy: Forced exclusion.
> Other definitions of school crisis?
> ***
> To see comments on these postings, please go to the Facebook page.
> Do you think that there is an intersection of relevant topics between XMCA
> and DPJ?
> Ana