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[Xmca-l] "Like" the Dialogic Pedagogy Journal" Facebook page!!

Dear XMCA-ers,

Some of you are probably familiar with the Dialogic Pedagogy Journal on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/DialogicPedagogyJournal). "Like" this page on the Facebook if you are interested in discussions on Dialogic Pedagogy issues. You will be notified when something is posted there, and you are welcome to post and respond as you see fit.
These posts are also linked and published on DPJ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DPJournal_

Here is a small selection of the latest posts:

DPJ: "Objective" means "deadly" (i.e., without an alive subjectivity).

DPJ: #Cohen, L.: "The developmental view of play, according to #Sutton-Smith, 'is an ideology for the conquest of children’s behavior through organizing their play' (2001, 205). In contrast, a Bakhtinian carnivalesque perspective of play and language examines self in the relation to the language and actions of others" (2011, 177)

DPJ: Crisis of conventional schooling. Many people claim that there is school crisis but they cite different evidence for this:

Evidence: Low test scores. Remedy: Teach to the test.
Evidence: Alumni don’t remember much after school graduation. Remedy: Improve memorization.
Evidence: High dropout rate. Remedy: Keep students in school by rewards and punishments.
Evidence: Lack of conceptual understanding. Remedy: Promote students’ interested questions.
Evidence: Alienation. Remedy: Engage students in defining curriculum.
Evidence: Lack of studies. Remedy: Pay students for their learning.
Evidence: Lack of ownership for their learning. Remedy: Promote students’ authorial agency.
Evidence: Lack of cooperation with the teachers’ demands. Remedy: A system of rewards and punishments.
Evidence: School violence. Remedy: Forced exclusion.

Other definitions of school crisis?

To see comments on these postings, please go to the Facebook page.

Do you think that there is an intersection of relevant topics between XMCA and DPJ?