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[Xmca-l] Re: Systems views [leontievactivity]

On 21 August 2013 11:52, Jack Whitehead <jack@actionresearch.net> wrote:

> Dear Christine (and all), I was pleased to see your mention of Vasilyuk's
> work:
> On 21 Aug 2013, at 12:35, Christine Schweighart wrote:
> > Vasilyuk's work suggests an aesthetic work in that ( earlier in the
> > Leontiev thread Andy situates it).
> I'm wondering if anyone knows of clarifications of the conceptual links
> between energy and value:
> “The Energy Paradigm
Mobilisation of functional systems: the mobilisation required to construe
value and the means of their mobilisation.


>  Conceptions involving energy are very current in psychology, but they
> have been very poorly worked out from the methodological standpoint. It is
> not clear to what extent these conceptions are merely models of our
> understanding and to what extent they can be given ontological status.
> Equally problematic are the conceptual links between energy and motivation,
> energy and meaning, energy and value, although it is obvious that in fact
> there are certain links: we know how ‘energetically’ a person can act when
> positively motivated, we know that the meaningfuness of a project lends
> additional strength to the people engaged in it, but we have very little
> idea of how to link up into one whole the physiological theory of
> activation, the psychology of motivation, and the ideas of energy which
> have been elaborated mainly in the field of physics. (pp. 63-64)
> Vasilyuk, F. (1991) The Psychology of Experiencing: the Resolution of
> Life’s Critical Situations.  Hemel Hempstead; Harvester Wheatsheaf.
> Love Jack.
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