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[Xmca-l] Re: Systems views [leontievactivity]

Dear Christine (and all), I was pleased to see your mention of Vasilyuk's work:

On 21 Aug 2013, at 12:35, Christine Schweighart wrote:

> Vasilyuk's work suggests an aesthetic work in that ( earlier in the
> Leontiev thread Andy situates it).

I'm wondering if anyone knows of clarifications of the conceptual links between energy and value:
“The Energy Paradigm

 Conceptions involving energy are very current in psychology, but they have been very poorly worked out from the methodological standpoint. It is not clear to what extent these conceptions are merely models of our understanding and to what extent they can be given ontological status. Equally problematic are the conceptual links between energy and motivation, energy and meaning, energy and value, although it is obvious that in fact there are certain links: we know how ‘energetically’ a person can act when positively motivated, we know that the meaningfuness of a project lends additional strength to the people engaged in it, but we have very little idea of how to link up into one whole the physiological theory of activation, the psychology of motivation, and the ideas of energy which have been elaborated mainly in the field of physics. (pp. 63-64)

Vasilyuk, F. (1991) The Psychology of Experiencing: the Resolution of Life’s Critical Situations.  Hemel Hempstead; Harvester Wheatsheaf.

Love Jack.
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affirming pleasure and I'm hoping that in Love Jack we can share this
value of common humanity.

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