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[Xmca-l] Re: Leontyev's activities

Thanks you, Lubomir. We are very nearly in agreement on all this.
For me the task is to form a *simple* concept, asyou suggest, which functions *both* as a "universal explanatory princple" (the substance of human life), and a major principle of psychology. In my view, Hegel provided us the key to"all the other contradictions" and "needless incongruities" in his Logic.


Lubomir Savov Popov wrote:

Activity is a concept with a very wide scope and range of abstractness. In this respect, it can be modeled in many ways. However, different models have different limitations, scope of applications, and so forth. When Activity is conceptualized as a universal explanatory principle, the model of activity can incorporate the subject. When Activity is used as one of the major principles of psychology (as in the textbooks by Leontiev and his students) it incorporates everything, even culture. This should not sound as a paradox or as a conundrum. I see it possible and productive in the methodological realm. I do admit that in this short space of time it is not possible to explain all other contradictions or to elaborate on details. I am also a bit conservative in the scope of my discussion so that I don't engage in needless incongruities.