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[xmca] Humane article by Mike Newman on education

Hello -

Here's a link to a paper that may cheer people up a bit in the face of all
the MOOC and automation bluster:


Mike Newman is an adult educator from Sydney, Australia. He's the author
of four or five really good books on adult education, including one of the
few books that touches on labor education ("The Third Contract").  This
article puts forward the idea that non-credit adult education is a strong
constituent of the creation of a civil society. This is the opposite of
the view of adult education as remediating a workforce in employer-defined
skills or setting up a ladder of opportunity to be climbed by adults who
want to get more certificates and degrees for the purpose of individual
upward mobility. Instead, he looks at non-credit adult ed as an open space
where critical social collective work takes place.

Helena Worthen