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[xmca] FW: JoLLE Conference 2014 info.


JoLLE 2014 Conference

Literacy for/and Social Justice: Inspire, Engage, Create, Transform
February 14-15, 2014
Athens, GA


Call for Proposals

Proposals due by October 1, 2013.

As educators, students, researchers, community members, and others expand notions of what “literacy” means, they must also increase efforts to ensure that literacy opportunities are equitable for and welcoming to all.  Our theme this year, “Literacy and/for Social Justice: Inspire, Engage, Create, Transform” emphasizes the role of literacy, both as a means of incorporating social justice into curriculum and as a method for performing socially just practices.  This theme welcomes wide-ranging notions of how one might define or practice literacy, and of how one’s understandings of literacy might include or address issues of social justice.   The JoLLE@UGA Conference established itself last year as being action-oriented, bridging theory and practice, informed by research and practice, and also inventive and creative.
We invite practicing teachers, researchers, professors, community organizers, and students to explore the following: How are you addressing social justice through literacy? In what ways are you learning about social justice issues from literacies found in schools, communities, or other places?  In what ways do forms of social justice shape literacy?  In what ways do literacies shape understandings of social justice?



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