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RE: [xmca] Lewin and unification of the social sciences

thanks, Andy  -  Putnam i know and have, and can reread him. 

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Apologies (I had returned the book to the library and it was a long time
The term is "long civic generation," and it is proposed in "Bowling
Alone" by Robert Putnam.
If you do a google search for "long civic generation" you will find what
you need.

White, Phillip wrote:
> Andy, you wrote:
> snip
> Greg, people in the social cohesion business record that from the
> mid-1930s till the late 1950s (in the US) there was what they call "the
> long communitarian generation", after which life descended into
> liberalism, with signs of recovery only in the past couple of decades.
> snip
> in my ignorance of this period of american history i had no recognition of what you're describing here - so i googled "the long communitarian generation" and nothing really came up that i could attach meaning to.  so, who are the "they" that you are referring to?  references to names would be a help for me here.
> thanks,
> phillip

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