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Re: [xmca] Lewin and unification of the social sciences

Apologies (I had returned the book to the library and it was a long time ago). The term is "long civic generation," and it is proposed in "Bowling Alone" by Robert Putnam. If you do a google search for "long civic generation" you will find what you need.

White, Phillip wrote:
Andy, you wrote:


Greg, people in the social cohesion business record that from the
mid-1930s till the late 1950s (in the US) there was what they call "the
long communitarian generation", after which life descended into
liberalism, with signs of recovery only in the past couple of decades.


in my ignorance of this period of american history i had no recognition of what you're describing here - so i googled "the long communitarian generation" and nothing really came up that i could attach meaning to.  so, who are the "they" that you are referring to?  references to names would be a help for me here.



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