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Re: [xmca] Educational neuroscience

Ulvi, best of luck in your search, and maybe someone on this list can help. But don't get your hopes up.
Lawrence Barsalou is a very sophisticated writer on neuroscience, but in:

Barsalou, L. W. (1992) “Cognitive Psychology. An Overview for Cognitive Scientists,” Hillsdale NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum.

where he has a chapter on education, he characterises education as: “teachers provide information that students incorporate into existing knowledge” - in other words, not only does he use "folk psychology" in his grasp of the subtlties of education, but he seems to be unaware that this antiquated "theory" of teaching and learning has been subject to any critique over the past 100 years. A classic illustration of the problem that Greg has been raising.


Ulvi İçil wrote:
Dear all,

I would like to know some outstanding scholar names in the field of
educational neuroscience, working in the line of sociocultural theory.

*Andy Blunden*
Home Page: http://home.mira.net/~andy/
Book: http://www.brill.nl/concepts