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RE: [xmca] Banners of Brazil [without oppositions]

Achilles - both you're welcome, and truly there is nothing to apologize for.  clarity of communication through the internet is daunting.  and, yes, again, here's working for greater transformations in Brazil.


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Philip, thank you very much. I sincerely believe that me and you are talking maybe not about the same things, but with a more important and deep agreement in the essential ethical values. Because this, please accept my apologizes because my aggressive way to talk,  and my real respect in relation to your patience and solidarity inside your critical thinking... I guess after some time all we will can understand better what is going on, in the eye of the hurricane is not so easy. But you give us some important insights - I will reflect about all your tips. Sincerely, my best wishes for you and all people that have the dignity for don't leave another strange person talking alone, only because different forms of disagreement epistemological, ethical or political. This is an actual aptitude of an international scholar. Thank you. I hope to see you soon. Achilles.

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