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[xmca] new book on the career of Vera John-Steiner

 Part One: The Social Construction of a Thought Community

1. Building Bridges: The Contribution of Dr. Vera John-Steiner’s Work M. Cathrene Connery

2. Constructing a Community of Thought: Access through Epistolary Understanding Robert Lake and M. Cathrene Connery

Part Two: Letters on a Life

3. The Bold and Courageous Path of Vera John-Steiner Peter Smagorinsky

4. Living Memory Edward De Santis

5. My Life-Long Dialogue With Vera John-Steiner Constance R. Sutton

6. Veronka, My Czardas Dancing, Creative Thinking Mother Suki John

7. My Favorite Collaborator Reuben Hersh

8. From Your House to My House Anne Wiltshire

9. Above and Beyond Box Consciousness Bernard Spolsky

10. Memories of a Long Conversation Michael Cole

11. Networks in Life and in Science Csaba Pléh and Ottilia Boross

Part Three: Letters on Scholarship

12. The Remarkable Power of Bisociation Susan Ervin-Tripp

13. Young Children’s Sociodramatic Play: Wellspring of Collaboration and Learning Laura E. Berk

14. Discovering Self in Play Artin Göncü

15. Vera was a Vygotskian before She Knew who Vygotsky Was Steven G. McCafferty

16. Vera: Tribute and Tributary Maryhelen Snyder

17. Revisiting an Interactive Approach to Advancing Literacy Linda Finlay

18. Working Classroom: An Intergenerational Arts Community Nan Elsasser

 19. Resonance Henry Shonerd

20. Water and Wine: Painting as the Emergence of Word Meanings from Images David Kellogg

21. Applying a Functional Systems Approach to the Study of Language Development Teresa Meehan

22. Vera John-Steiner’s Influence on Creativity Research R. Keith Sawyer

23. Who Knew? Being Part of a Thought Community on Creativity: An Essay in Honor of Vera John-Steiner David Henry Feldman

24. Dignified Interdependence Patricia A. St. John

25. Cognitive Pluralism and Creative Collaboration Kimberly Cotter-Lemus

26. Reverberations Shirley Brice Heath

27. The Influence of Vera John-Steiner’s Work on Sabra Sowell-Lovejoy: Artist and Educator
Sabra Sowell-Lovejoy

28. Bridges are Made for Movement Robert Lake

29. Tapestry: Interwoven Minds, Emerging Meanings Seana Moran

30. Vera John-Steiner On Creativity and Collaboration: A Scholar Ahead of Her Time Nancy J. Uscher

31. And Perhaps Our Research Leads Us Back To a World We Lost Eleni Bastéa

32. Creative Collaboration as Revolutionary and Transformative Robin Oppenheimer

33. Creativity in All of Us: A Dialogue with Vera John-Steiner Anna Stetsenko

34. Collaboration is at the Heart of the Human Condition Andy Blunden

35. My Awakening Patricia A. Richard-Amato

36. From Vygotsky to Vera to All of Us: The Mentoring Magnifies Le An Putney and Joan Wink

37. A Researcher’s Grail: A Search for an Alternative to Conventional Teacher–Student Discourse Ronald Gallimore

38. Dr. Vera John-Steiner as a Key: Unlocking a Theory of Receptive Discourse Laura Rychly

39. The Constellation, Maker Robert Danberg

Part Four: Letters on Teaching and Mentoring

40. You Will Meet Vera Courtney Angermeier

41. Vera John-Steiner: Mentor and Collaborator Christopher C. Shank

42. Creativity and Collaboration: A Student's Salvation? Susan K. Methany

43. Creative Collaboration in the Art Museum Sara Otto-Diniz

44. Collaborative Recreation Rod Parker-Rees

45. Coming into Being: Creative Collaboration as a Life-long Gift Judah Ronch

46. The Schools have Failed the Poor Carolyn Panofsky

47. My Noble Quest Annalisa Aguilar

48. Grateful Recollections from Your Zone of Proximal Development Kathryn (Kate) J. Miller

49. Vera and the Gift of Confidence Holbrook Mahn

50. Vera: My Inspiration For Discovering the ‘Invisibilities’ in The Activity-Theoretical Studies of Innovation Mervi Hasu

51. Finding Myself in Vera and Finding Vera in Me Linney Wix

52. Creative Transformation through Mentorship and Intergenerational Collaboration Sara Abercrombie

53. Enacting What We Sought to Understand Michele Minnis

54. Being Community: Engaging Struggles, Constructing Academic Lives, and Effecting Social Change Lois M. Meyer

55. Bridges Beyond Budapest Valerie Clement

Part Five: Expanding the Community of Thought

56. Blueprint for Architecture of Accomplishment


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