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[xmca] request

Dear all 
Any help with the following article :

Journal of Russian and East European Psychology 
  Issue:  Volume 6, Number 1 / Fall 1967 
  Pages:  3 - 15 
  URL:  Linking Options 
  DOI:  10.2753/RPO1061-040506013 
Speech-Motor Afferentation And The Problem of Brain Mechanisms of Thought

A. N. Sokolov A1
A1 Institute of Psychology, Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR, Moscow

On the basis of clinical study of various forms of aphasia — motor and sensory speech disturbances — nineteenth-century neurologists developed the doctrine of narrow cortical localization of independent speech zones or "centers": (1) the motor speech center, or Broca's area, localized in the third frontal convolution of the left hemisphere, (2) the auditory speech center, or Wernicke's center, localized in the first temporal convolution of the same hemisphere, (3) the word-meaning, or "nominative" center, situated, according to Mills, in the lower portion of the left temporal convolution, (4) the writing center, situated, according to Wernicke and Exner, in the second frontal convolution of the left hemisphere, (5) the reading center, placed by Dejerine at the junction of the occipital and temporal lobes of the same hemisphere.

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