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Re: [xmca] Operations

I have a question that I think is related to Mike's question. Given the social character of activities, as Leontiev defines them, and presumably actions, is it necessary that every person who is involved has "an inner image of the future situation"?


On Apr 9, 2013, at 3:27 PM, mike cole <lchcmike@gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank you Manfred. I have the same understanding of operation/conditions
> action/goals as you write about. It was a mistaken typo on my part in the
> orginal note that Andy kindly corrected, but in the flow
> of messages its hard discern.
> So starting with your clear statement my question becomes: how does it come
> about that operations proceed actions in early infancy and in what sense(s)
> is that true and why?
> mike
> On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 1:23 PM, Holodynski, Manfred <
> manfred.holodynski@uni-muenster.de> wrote:
>> Mike, and Andy,
>> when I talk about operations, goals and the macrostructure of activity, I
>> refer to the attached chapter " 3.5. The General Structure of Activity" of
>> Leontev's book "activity, consciousness, and personality". In this chapter,
>> Leontev explains these terms - in my view - in a very decisive and
>> comprehensive manner.
>> I understand the term "action" NOT as automated behavior but as
>> purposeful, goal-directed behavior. The goal of an action is already
>> imagined as an inner image of the future situation which the person is
>> going to reach. So action and goal are mutually related.
>> I understand the term "operation" as the automated behavior of a person
>> that is related to the conditions under which the goal of an action is
>> given (a person uses different operations when he writes a letter by hand
>> or by a computer. The movements of the finger are very different. Most of
>> the operations an adult uses has been formerly an action because he has to
>> learn it and when it is learned it can become an operation within another
>> action.
>> Best
>> Manfred

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