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Re: [xmca] Pivot or Carrier in play?

Dear Beth and Monica,

I think that you should see how would you call a knife and two glasses that two engineer friend may use over a dinner to talk about a new bridge they are planning to build.

Are the knife and the glasses "carriers", "pivots", "place holders" or something else?

I like to think of them as "pivots" (for meaning) because they do not CARRY meanings, for which they are used for in this conversation. In other words, I don't think these objects are used metaphorically. In metaphor, you mean to say something ABOUT an object (person, event, concept, etc.) by calling it a different name. 
"My pillow is my spaceship" -- If I said that to you, imagine what could that mean? Many beautiful, adventurous, romantic, sci-tech possibilities! But when my 3 yr old son took a pillow, sat on it, started playing a version of the "Start Wars" and said the same utterance "My pillow is my spaceship"-- it wasn't a metaphor. Just an object (pivot - a holder) to play a role in populating the imagined realm. 

In play these objects (sticks, knifes...) just hold the place of images and concepts in the imagined realm -- without providing any meaning "ABOUT" these imagined things (horses, bridges, spaceships).

"Carrier" is not bad -- but can be confused with metaphor.
"Pivot" is very neutral and very descriptive -- the meaning is "hinged" to the object.

What do you think?

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On Apr 8, 2013, at 10:27 AM, Beth Ferholt <bferholt@gmail.com> wrote:

> Monica and I are discussing the horse/stick -- in Swedish the stick is a
> carrier, in English a pivot, and which do people think is a better
> translation??
> (There is a word for Pivot in Swedish but still Carrier was chosen -- )
> THank you for the help,
> Beth
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