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Re: [xmca] Help with LSV and Heinz Werner links?

On 17 October 2012 08:05, Greg Thompson <greg.a.thompson@gmail.com> wrote:

> I just want to make sure I've tapped this Extended Mind with regard to the
> question of whether there is direct evidence of a connection between
> Vygotsky and Werner?
> They seem to me like "birds of a feather" (both were interested in art,
> aesthetic experience, pedology, defectology, genetic method / developmental
> psych) but I'm just wondering whether they ever "flocked together."
> Despite the significant overlap, I can imagine them not having met or known
> of each other (Vygotsky seems more familiar with the Berlin school than the
> Leipzig school, but that is from my very limited knowledge of his
> work). But I'm just wondering if there are any interesting connections that
> I should know about, or any leads that might help me to figure this out?
> Any help is appreciated.

Kozulin mentions their referencing/knowing of each others work in "A
Biography of Ideas" (p.118, p.166).

Of further interest, what does "to meet" mean?


> Thanks,
> greg
> p.s. this is for the paper I'm giving at the SCT/SLL annual gathering. I
> promise to cite my sources (i.e. you) appropriately!
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