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Re: [xmca] Help? - Microgenesis, Microgenetic, Microgeny?

It may be useful to understand microgenesis and its relation to 3 other
domains: phylogenesis, ontogenesis and sociogenesis.
Microgenesis refers to development in individual cases of interaction
Phylogenesis refers to our biological inheritance that allows for a kind of
development unique to humans
Ontogenesis refers to development over an individual's lifetime
Sociogenesis refers to changes in the mediational artifacts of a culture

They're related in that, for example, ontogenetic development provides or
limits the possibilities of microgenetic development; and microgenetic
development can accumulate to ontogenetic development.

I don't know if there is a definitive statement of such links, but i got it
from an article by Gillespie and Cornish (2010), who draw on the work of
Duveen (who i haven't read - but i've listed some of the references below)

One thing to note is that microgenesis is conceptualised as the object of
study, while there is a microgenetic methodology for investigating it.

Rosenthal has a nice discussion of microgenesis but traces it back to
Werner rather than Vygotsky

Some resources:
Duveen & Lloyd 1990 - Introduction; in Social representations and the
development of knowledge
Duveen & De Rosa 1992 - Social representations and the genesis of social
Gillespie & Cornish 2010 - What can be said? identity as a constraint on
knowledge production

Rosenthal 2002 - Microgenesis, immediate experience and visual processes in
Siegler 2006 -  Microgenetic analyses of learning. (In Kuhn & Siegler
(Eds.), Handbook of child psychology: Volume 2: Cognition, perception, and
Wagoner 2009 - The experimental methodology of constructive microgenesis
(in Valsiner (ed), Dynamic process methodology in the social and
developmental sciences)
Wertsch 1985 - Vygotsky and the social formation of mind

I hope thats helpful. I'm by no means a scholar on microgenesis or the
microgenetic method - i'm new to the area (and this mailing list) myself

I'm curious if folks out in XMCA-land could point me in the direction of
> good papers that define/explain or use the concept of microgenesis (or any
> of its kin terms)?
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