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Re: [xmca] Help? - Microgenesis, Microgenetic, Microgeny?

Hi Greg

I'm wondering if your explorations of microgenesis and previous posts
on discourse analysis [for example Elinor Ochs] are linked??

I want to share an impression I have when reading *discourse analysis*
ways of understanding.  First I will share my understanding of the way
discourse analysis relates to ways of knowing:
The term *entextualization* as the process whereby language becomes
detachable from its original context of production and becomes
*reified* as text and becomes a portable linquistic object.
Practices of entextualization defining elite communities in society,
who, through the authority of their entextualizations are able to
exercise power over others. From this theoretical perspective of
discourse analysis to be engaged in creating texts *about* reality IS
to engage in creating reality.

When I read this theoretical *style* of theory construction I have a
sense of an instrumental approach which privleges the observer of the
scene. The data are *interpreted* as a form of *mapping of the
territory* in a *systematic approach* to the data.
Greg does the *feel* of this approach have a different sense ability
and way of relating to the data than the more dialogical way of
relating to the data?. For example Martin Buber's distinction between
the I-Thou relation [the interhuman realm that is participatory] in
contrast to the I-It realm that is more instrumental and privleges the
observer observing the scene of data collection??

I'm not sure if others have this *impression* on how the data is
presented [and re-presented or translated].

On 9/20/12, Greg Thompson <greg.a.thompson@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm curious if folks out in XMCA-land could point me in the direction of
> good papers that define/explain or use the concept of microgenesis (or any
> of its kin terms)?
> >From a CHAT/SCT perspective is preferred, but it seems like the concept
> has
> life in other fields too and that would be good to know more about.
> Many thanks in advance!
> -greg
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