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[xmca] Marx & Richardson

If I may be allowed to continue probing at the Second issue that Richardson
raises: the nature killing materialism of the White Man and the
need to make Spirit, not practical activity, the starting point of
psychological analysis, from a CHAT perspective.

I re-mind the group of earlier postings of the following quotation which
may merit investigation. But the possible relevance of this
idea to the Richardson to this remark came upon me, so I "share" it with
you, as those Californians like to make us say..

Here is the thought:

As the young Marx put it (1844: 162):
> It is only in a social context that subjectivism and objectivism,
> spiritualism and materialism, activity and passivity cease to be antinomies,
> and thus cease to exist as such antinomies. The resolution of the
> THEORETICAL contradictions is possible ONLY through practical means, only
> through the PRACTICAL energy of man.

It is from Tony Wilden. googling at the lchc home page will turn it up.

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