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Re: [xmca] Body expression as sign.

On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 6:07 PM, Jack Whitehead <jack@actionresearch.net>wrote:

> I'm wondering if anyone has any references you can send me that can help
> me to understand how to represent flows of energy with values, in
> explanatory principles that can be used in explanations of educational
> influences in learning?

Marvin Minsky. The Emotion Machine
Different emotions mobilise the resources required for different ways of

I've written a summary. Ch 7 is relevant:

The case of Elliot who lost part of his frontal lobes when having a tumour
removed (from Damasio's book *Descarte's Error*). His ability to reach
decisions was impaired. He displayed no emotions, there was no inner
turmoil to hush.

Damasio's interpretation: lack of emotion plays a role in Elliot's decision
making ability
Minsky's interpretation: his inability to make decisions reduced his range
of emotions and feelings

"Valence" - the extent to which one's attitude toward some thing or
situation is generally positive or negative. Or an object's colour and
shape can change independently; we can think of objects or ideas as having
"matter of fact" or neutral aspects that are "coloured" by additional
emotional characteristics --> attractive, exciting, desirable - versus
disgusting, dull or repulsive

Minsky still has a draft of his whole book on his website:
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