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[xmca] Body expression as sign.

Let us remember that spoken-word language is composed of sounds made by the body, sounds that issue forth as expressions of emotions and that cause hearers bodies to assume patterns of motion analogous to those in the generators of the sounds. Thereby motion and emotion are transferred from originators to receivers. It is that sense of emotion, that we experience by our spoken words, that provides us with a sense of meaning. Our own emotion is the bottom line of our sense of meaning. Things have meaning only in as much, and in how, they affect us. And our emotions are the way we experience effects. Our words deal in the currency of meaning - our emotions - , and they refer to things. Because of this dual nature, words - the very things that identify things - inform us of the meaning of our world simply by affecting our emotions with their sounds. Since we are normally preoccupied with the referential aspect of words, it is subconsciously that we experience their emotional effects.

		Joseph Gilbert
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