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Re: [xmca] Special issue on Vygotsky's legacy: groudbreaking discoveries in PsyAnima, Dubna Psychological Journal!

Thanks to all who carried out this work. Thanks also to those who kept the
archival materials alive.

2012/3/21 Anton Yasnitsky <the_yasya@yahoo.com>

> A special issue of PsyAnima, Dubna Psychological issue has been released
> lately. This thematic multilingual issue combined a few studies on
> textology, chronology and historical development of  Vygotsky's works.
> Several highlights include:
> - first ever rigorous historical reconstruction of the list of Vygotsky's
> major works and the chronology of their composition
> - the sensational finding: Vygotsky never wrote the "History of
> development of higher mental (psychological) functions" and "Tool and
> symbol (sign)" the way we know these texts in Russian now
> - a discussion of Vygotsky's " Tool and Sign" (alias "Tool and Sign"),
> i.e. the first half of what we all know as "Mind and Society" (1978,
> chapters 1-4): was Russian text translated from the English one, or the
> English text translated from Russian one, or both?
> - numerous fakes and falsifications in Vygotsky's various published works
> & the problem of reliability: is it the Vygotsky that we know or rather --
> the Vygotsky that we DO NOT know?
> - full list of editorial interventions in the three editions of Vygotsky's
> "Thinking and speech" of 1934, 1956, & 1982
> - a historical, first ever republication of early Vygotsky's articles on
> art, theatre and literature of 1922: the unknown Vygotsky of his Gomel'
> period (1917-1924)
> All these and some other materials, in Russian, English, Portuguese, and
> French are available FREE, 24/7 online @
> http://www.psyanima.ru/journal/2011/4/index.php
> The editorial team are presently considering publishing a follow-up issue
> of the journal that would build on these studies, so any
> queries, comments, suggestions, and even paper proposals (in virtually any
> language and of virtually any length) will be greatly appreciated!
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