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[xmca] Using Video to Increase the Impact of Your Research

Some of you might be interested in the panel sponsored by the AERA Standing Committee on Communication and Outreach described below. We've done sessions on op-ed writing the last few years. This year we'll feature scholars who have developed ways of sharing their work through videos and documentaries. The committee's work focuses on encouraging educational researchers to reach broader audiences, including lay stakeholders and policymakers, through mainstream and alternative media outlets.

Schedule Information:

Scheduled Time: Mon, Apr 16 - 12:25pm - 1:55pm  Building/Room: Vancouver Convention Centre, First Level - West Room 121&122
Title Displayed in Event Calendar: Using Video to Increase the Impact of Your Research

Session Participants:

Chair: Peter Smagorinsky (University of Georgia)

Chair: Larry McQuillan (American Institutes for Research)

Participant: Joanne C. Larson (University of Rochester)

Participant: Keith Sawyer (Washington University in St. Louis)

Participant: Stanton Wortham (University of Pennsylvania)

Since AERA released the program schedule, there has been a lot of interest in the panel. We expect a good turnout. Following the introductions, we would like to begin by asking each of you to share your insights and experiences on how video can be an effective way to increase the impact of your research. Obviously if you have a brief video example you would like to show, that would be welcome. Once the initial remarks are complete, we then would invite questions from the audience.

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