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Re: [xmca] Fyodor Vasilyuk "The Psychology of Experiencing"

It has always seemed to me that character was somewhat of a blindspot in AN Leontyev's work, Larry, and Vygotsky does not do much better. It was one of the attractions of Vasilyuk, that he seemed to be offering an approach to personality within Activity Theory. There are lots of theory of personality of course, and the most developed date back to antiquity: astrology, and Jung's theory is indeed closer to astrology than to science. It may well be that a measure of eclecticism is needed to grasp personality.


Larry Purss wrote:
Andy, I am not arguing for Kenichi's approach as being more coherent or
"true". I merely wanted to point out that we can all refute the ontology of
the isolated individual and agree on the ontology of the "living world" BUT
there is still room to explore notions such as Kimura's notion of
"betweeness" which may contrast with Leontiev's Activity theory.  The
question I would propose is,  What KIND of personality or disposition or
character is formed within these contrasting perspectives when viewed as a
sequence of activities forming personality and dispositions?


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