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[xmca] Milgram uncensored

People on this list will know about the Milgram experiments in the early 1960s, where experimental subjects were manipulated into administering what they may have thought were lethal electric shocks on other people in a fake experiment.

The current issue of "Theory & Psychology" has a paper by Ian Nicholson who has had access to the reports of Milgram's subjects. These reports not only invalidate the claims made for the experiment, but show that the actions of Milgram and his staff are what really needs to be subject to research. The experience of the subjects varied considerably, but all were traumatised to one degree or another by the experiment, some seriously. In many cases, it could be compared to being an audience member invited by a magician to come on stage and saw a woman in two, and then see this publicly portrayed as demonstrating your own cruelty and inhumanity. But Milgram and his team knew very well the psychological suffering they were inflicting on their subjects for the very real rewards of fame and status.

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