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[xmca] Education and Finland

Hello fellow researchers,

Sometimes I few quite desperate trying to bring some changes in Education
in Brazil... Many things in the following article is real for Brazil too...
The sad part is that in 1930 (in this time greatly influenced by Dewey
Ideas) some Brazilian legislators tried to implement some of the things
pointed out... and also again in 1988... But the private school and
religious school sectors had many lobbyists... And although Vygotsky is
 one of the "theorists of the fashion" in Brazil now, we are day by day
going more in the direction of USA than Finland...

A comment from the Finn colleague that sent me the article:

"A brilliant example how core message cannot be heard because its opposed
to the dominant paradigm. The madness is that the poisonous paradigm is
seeping our way too, despite the fact that our results pwn."

This "madness" has been my major concern by years... In Brazil public basic
education is simply going down and down... The capacity for reading
and interpretation of texts of university freshman is also dropping, and

The article:

Wagner Luiz Schmit
Educational Psychologist
State University of Londrina - Brazil
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