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[xmca] Further reflections on ambivalence at the heart of situations

I want to share an article that may be interesting for linking pragmatism
and cultural historical conversations. The article is by Vincent Colapietro
written for the inaugural edition of a new journal.
On page 17 he quotes Dalibor Veseley,

"Situations are the RECEPTACLES of experience and of those events which
SEDIMENT in them a meaning not just survivals or residuals but as an
INVITATION to a sequel, the necessity of a future.  Situations endow
experience with DURABLE dimensions in RELATION TO which a whole series of
other experiences will aquire meaning...  The richness of situations
depends on the reverberations of meaning through the DEPTHS OF THEIR
HISTORY" (1983).

Colapietro is highlighting the notion of "pragmatic intelligence" as having
the courage to acknowledge we do NOT know what we are doing in THIS
situation. Situated CREATIVITY requires nothing less than a renewed
willingness to look afresh in the effort to see anew.  This is as much A
MORAL and political achievement as it is an intellectual or cognitive

Colapietro is articulating a situation meaning approach in contrast to the
"means-ends" ANTECEDENT perspective on situations.
I hope others enjoy his elaboration of Hans Joas's ideas on creative agency
within situations.


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