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[xmca] Al Andalus as a model for *{ }*

Dear Larry,
 Thanks for expanding how you share this interest. When you mention 'adding threads'  there are the mechanics of the discussion board - where I don't intend to start threads- but it keeps happening with my postings), and then there are the tangents I am bringing into my postings. I was prompted by my surprise and pleasure that you were finding 'place' for inclusionality. 
Then also Tony's contribution of Antonio Machado's verse - in re-reading this I made a completely different to understanding the 'power' of the last line - the 'hidden' transformation it was very hopeful . Not bleak 'washing away' of tracks.  It had not been translated well . Looking and then 
seeing eddying patterns, signifies that what was achieved went beyond 
walking even - transformation is possible , the signification is of a 
discovery that not only did you know how to go in the world ( and could and help others ) but you were
 able to swim when you thought you had to walk. Quite liberating 
possibility out of another frame of thinking. Maybe my translation is rubbish too - but the  new reading was a bit of a revelation!  And very Freire! All in one short verse.However, it still misses that this arises in social relations - where the 'swimming' is motivated by action for others then becomes apparent or helpful  for oneself.  Strangely I think this could be being brought out in Volker's comment on another thread.  I find that xmca discussions go  amazingly  quickly or richly overlapping if not 'temporal' !

 In this 'model' my surprise was that values and form of living  markedly al-andalus   actively respect  a value in one of your earlier posts " It is how we are "ethically" called by the
other that in*forms whether we respond or turn away from the other's call "    is expressed and found  in social relations today in Andalusia  .  It is also in finding 'motive' or generating a need in ideal maybe.
 So Tony's  "Sedimentation is the settling of culture into formations," where
"formation" (as in in*formation) is inseparably the material formation and
the forming of it and the form in which it's formed." 
 Shows that well.  Though transformation is  maybe not as apparent as it might be?

I haven't read ingold yet:)
 The discussion of immanence of senses I found also in Deleuze - and Guattari's interest in nomadism , was a thread I followed through a few months ago. So It is good to revisit these themes differently.
 It was also unexpected that Action-research should come up again, I'm interested to know more of Michael's work in this.
Thanks, Christine
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