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Re: [xmca] Space, neighbourhood, dwelling in, in*formation as notions with a "family resemblance"

Dear Ivan,Larry and all

I have a long interest in  'information' since studying at Lancaster where a phenomenological sense encompassing meaning was taken in research and developmental work related to the subject. That same community have also taken great interest in Humberto Maturana's thinking - where the social is not regarded as 'causal' in relating. I am very heartened to see these themes coming together in this thread. Much the more so now that Larry has opened to consider Alan Rayner's work. Just as Maturana paid great attention to draw out philosophical conclusions from foundational biological science, so has Alan, and this is as interesting as it is an extraordinarily unusual phenomenon in the biological sciences which is the study of living form. 

This is an initial expression of interest as I'd like to go back over the thread - I haven't contributed since Larry was discussing Anna Stetsenko's work and ideas of phronesis, which was of value to my work too. I'd like to mention too that Pina Marsico, who was a local organiser/host at ISCAR Rome wrote an article in the same issue  beginning to engage with as Alan's work. (Unfortunately she did not get to meet him when she visited the Dept Education at Bath recently.)
 Previously I have struggled to gain recognition for the significance of relating these theoretical strands with cultural-historical principles and ideas..
Regards, Christine

>With you, Larry, and Jay Lemke from recent conversations, one such burning
>question is a "feeling-ful" framework for understanding activity.  How much
>terra incognita is there here?  Others?

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