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[xmca] Continuation of the AERA Semiotics in Education SIG (fwd)

In the collective/individual experience thread, Greg wrote:

"To understand this, I think that we need to attend to the semiotics of these moments. Durkheim does well to note the importance of the image of the totem which stands simultaneously as reservoir of the high feelings of excitement that the individual experienced with the group AND at the same time as the thing that represents the group. There is a semiotic efficiency here that is hard to match in other types of group-making ..."

This prompts me to forward the message below. Within the next week, the AERA Special Interest Group on Semiotics in Education needs more AERA members to join the SIG if it is to survive.

I think many people on xmca have interests in semiotics, and might consider this SIG a potential venue for sharing our work and our ideas. This could be a venue for CHAT-oriented sessions, and sessions dealing with some of the theorists we are inteested in -- but only if the SIG continues to exist.

I'm just passing this along to the group, for anybody who might be interested.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2011 07:36:42 -0400
From: "Henning, John" <henningj@OHIO.EDU>
Subject: Continuation of the Semiotics in Education SIG

Dear Semioticians:

I am writing to you because the Semiotics in Education SIG is facing a
crisis.  Over the years, we have maintained an enrollment that varied from a
minimum of 30 members to a maximum of 50 members.  Recently, AERA changed
the minimum number of members for a SIG from 30 to 45 members.  Last year,
when this decision was announced, our membership was approximately 30
members.  In the past year, we have increased our membership to its current
level of 39 members.

However, if we cannot add another 6 members by September 30th, the SIG
Executive Committee will recommend to the AERA Council that the Semiotics in
Education SIG be discontinued after the conclusion of the 2012 Annual
Meeting. The Semiotics in Education SIG will not appear as an option on 2012
membership and renewal forms. However, we can still participate in the 2012
Annual Meeting in Vancouver with planned papers and sessions.

To join is relatively easy.  Just 1) log in at the AERA website. 2) Select
"SIG Memberships." & 3) Select "Purchase Additional Sig Memberships." Last
year, we reduced our dues to $10 for AERA members and $7 for student
memberships so there would be very little cost in keeping the SIG viable.

New membership is needed now, and I do very much appreciate your support!  I
urge you to reach out to colleagues and students who may be interested in
joining the Semiotics in Education SIG.  We need very few new members to
reach the minimum.  New members would be supporting the continuation of a
SIG that fosters an entirely different analytical perspective and offers
fresh looks at familiar ideas.

If we do not act quickly, the Semiotics in Education SIG will become a
memory.  So if you have ideas or new approaches for increasing the
membership, please let me know.

Thanks you for your support.


John E. Henning
Professor and Chair of the Teacher Education Department
206 McCracken Hall
The Patton College of Education and Human Services
Ohio University
Athens, Oh 45701
740-593-0477 fax

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