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[xmca] socio-emotional learning

For those interested in emotion in human development, or at least in learning, the new issue of Reading and Writing Quarterly: Overcoming Learning Difficulties is a special theme collection on Emotions Matter: How social-emotional learning (SEL) helps struggling readers and writers. The reference lists do not suggest an mca-type theoretical orientation, but who knows, you might find something interesting among the articles if you can access the journal online:

Introduction: Social-Emotional Learning and Resolving Cohen's Paradox
David Lee Carlson

The Responsive Classroom Approach and Its Implications for Improving Reading and Writing
Erin M. McTigue; Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman

The Impact of Children's Social Adjustment on Academic Outcomes
Melissa E. DeRosier; Stacey W. Lloyd

Culture and Comprehension: A Mixed Methods Study of Children's Responses to a Fictional Story About Interracial Conflict
Amy J. Dray; Robert L. Selman

Achieving Standards in the English Language Arts (and More) Using The RULER Approach to Social and Emotional Learning
Susan E. Rivers; Marc A. Brackett

Using Book Clubs to Enhance Social-Emotional and Academic Learning With Urban Adolescent Females of Color
Jody N. Polleck

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