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RE: [xmca] What's wrong with test-score-driven schooling

A very nice piece Tony - easy to understand. Lends itself to lots of
discussion points in the classroom. I'll try it out with some preservice
teachers this semester. It also helps to understand, generally, the way
a research article in one field can become generalized to another field
- here I am thinking about research in neuroscience in particular and
the way it becomes generalized and then the generalization appropriated
into the field of education. 

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Folks on this list won't find anything intellectually new here; but I've

posted a new article that uses fallacious reporting of an interesting 
medical finding to help explain what's wrong with how tests are being
in education and in discourse about education. It's at:


I took the time to do this because I thought it would be a useful thing 
for me to have for making these points in classes and various other 
situations. I'm sharing it here in case anybody else might find it

Tony Whitson
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