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[xmca] Luria - Development of Writing in the Child

Is it possible to obtain this article of Alexander Romanovich in electronic
format in xmca?
We do not have the book which contains it in any library in Istanbul:
"Literacy in human development".

Also I will be glad if any friend can propose any reference about
"acquisition of written speech in the child" according to Vygotsky and

Am I wrong if I say that there is not so much work in English in the line of
Vygotsky and Luria about the written speech in first years of elemantary
school except very few like:

Cazden's "Readings of Vygotsky in writing pedagogy".

Perhaps some articles by Elkonin, in English?

I wonder if any work exists and can be meaningul on the relationship between
the acquisition of written speech and thinking (and higher mental functions)
in the line of Vygotsky and Luria.

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