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[xmca] Hegel's psychology

This is just for people interested in Hegel.

Hegel's psychology he called "Subjective Spirit". The text is very schematic and impenetrable, and it was only in 1971 that an English translation of the text was published together with the lecture notes which make it comprehensible. Since then only 2 books have been published in English on the Subjective Spirit - TWO! One just a few months ago, the other in 1988. It is understandable then how the intellectual fad around his Phenomenology, which has generated 100s of 1000s of books, has obscured Hegel's real, developed and mature ideas about the individual mind. Having just read the full version of Hegel's text and the only two books on the topic, I have written my summary.


This is just a draft and is incomplete, so any commentary would be welcome at this point. The "Subjective Spirit" is very antique and speculative, but offers a lot of leads for anyone working on psychology, but particularly learning and cognition.

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