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Re: [xmca] new video by Nikolai Veresov

Colin, etc.,

Thank you for the update.  As someone reading Vygotsky's work for the first
time, I'll testify that the Professor Veresov's videos on *Thinking and
Speech *are indeed extremely helpful, as well as charming.  Veresov
introduces that set <http://vimeo.com/10069459> of (Vimeo) lectures thusly:

“This book, *Thinking and Speech*, is a kind of unknown country, unknown
land for you, and to find orientation in this land, you need to have a map
or navigator in your car, so I would like to help you to escape the
superficial reading that very often brings knowledge but doesn’t bring
understanding.  So I will give you the theoretical and methodological
contexts, and you will find them in the content – not to be lost in this
huge book.”

The lectures are great, and I took plenty of notes on
One great thing about that series is that I could download the videos to my
iphone (and therefore watch them on the treadmill at the gym!).
Unfortunately, I am unable to view the new ones on my phone.  If anyone has
advice in this regard, please share.


Villas, USA

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 6:25 PM, C Barker <C.Barker@mmu.ac.uk> wrote:

> I'm sure many xmcaers will be delighted to know that Nikolai Veresov has
> put up another video of his series of talks. Here's his
> message to me. I have really enjoyed his series, and warmly recommend them.
> Colin B
> **
> Hi Colin
> Part II of Taiwan video is available at:
> http://www.vimeo.com/17368749
> Video was presented at "Vygotsky readings" seminar, Taipei University,
> Taiwan, on 29th of October, 2010, and continues the series of
> Nikolai's on-line classes on cultural-historical psychology.  The
> second part of the lecture is devoted to the problem of mediation and
> mediating in cultural-historical theory. It also describes general
> genetic law of cultural development.  The last part of the lecture is
> about  main principles of genetic research methodology - "What does it
> mean to launch experimental research according to Vygotsky's "genetic
> experimental method"?
> I will be obliged if you inform xmca discussion forum people about the
> link. If you find it worth to watch, of course.
> Sincerely
> Nikolai
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