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[xmca] new video by Nikolai Veresov

I'm sure many xmcaers will be delighted to know that Nikolai Veresov has put up another video of his series of talks. Here's his
message to me. I have really enjoyed his series, and warmly recommend them.

Colin B


Hi Colin
Part II of Taiwan video is available at:
Video was presented at "Vygotsky readings" seminar, Taipei University,  
Taiwan, on 29th of October, 2010, and continues the series of  
Nikolai's on-line classes on cultural-historical psychology.  The  
second part of the lecture is devoted to the problem of mediation and  
mediating in cultural-historical theory. It also describes general  
genetic law of cultural development.  The last part of the lecture is  
about  main principles of genetic research methodology - "What does it  
mean to launch experimental research according to Vygotsky's "genetic  
experimental method"?

I will be obliged if you inform xmca discussion forum people about the  
link. If you find it worth to watch, of course.

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