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Re: [xmca] Fwd: Happy 2010 to all of you....

Thank you Katerina-

I am sure that all of XMCA joins you who are already living in 2010 that it
will be a year in which some semblence of sanity returns to the world and
that somehow humanity finds a way to save itself from itself.

We know at least part of the way, as Ghandi among many others pointed it out
to us. But we do not, apparently have the will, as his fate and the fate of
the millions of his pre-partition country folk are still discovering as well
as their cousins across the globe are still discovering daily. We must, as
Vygotsky pointed out, learn how to control ourselves "from the outside."
Where is that?

Best wishes for a happy, peaceful, and healthy new year, to all of us and
our great great grandchildren.


2009/12/31 Katerina Plakitsi <kplakits@cc.uoi.gr>

> Happy new year to all of you with more xmca discussions.
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