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Re: [xmca] Obama's Learn Act

On Fri, 18 Dec 2009, Jay Lemke wrote:

At the risk of tilting the universe a little, here's the sort of argument the Left has never used:

" Would Jesus use Phonics to teach your child how to read?"

"If Jesus was your childen's teacher, would their reading scores be His first priority?"

Chuck Norris Tuesday wrote a column equating "Obamacare" with "Herodcare" and concluding that if Mary was covered by a national health insurance plan, baby Jesus may never have been born.

Maybe it doesn't mean much that Norris wrote that; but it does mean something that this line has taken off big time (in just a couple days) among the anti-health-care-reform circles.

I'm not sure we have anyone who would know how to compete with that, or counter it, before that crowd.

On the other hand, maybe the "What would Jesus drive?" slogan did get some traction.
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